About Our Craftsman

Our Blacksmith, Nathaniel "Than" King

Than has enjoyed working with metal for as long as he can remember. Growing up on his family farm, he worked with his father building and repairing a wide variety of items needed for daily life on a farm. His father gave him a solid foundation of knowledge and skills working with tools and equipment. 

At an early age, Than knew he wanted to run his own shop designing and fabricating things people could use and would make their lives easier. This lead Than to earn a BS Degree in Ag Mechanics. After a decade and a half in the fire service Than finally made the leap and started a family business building utilitarian products for the home and garden. Forging started out simply as a means to build specific products, but Than soon found himself drawn more and more to the process of forging and blacksmithing for the art and as a means of personal expression. The forging and manipulation of hot metal is now the main driver behind the choices of products Than creates. 

Than uses traditional blacksmithing techniques, coupled with modern tools to make each piece unique and of the highest quality possible. Than is an active member of the California Blacksmith Association (CBA). He enjoys working with other Smiths learning and improving his skills, as well as teaching people new to the craft.