Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to join us here at Four Kings Forge, previously known as Pacific Saw and Anvil. We are a small family run Blacksmith shop located in the rural town of Susanville in Northern California. Everything we sell is made here by our Blacksmith, Than.    

Unique Gifts and Décor

We specialize in heirloom quality fireplace tools, barbecue sets, and functional art for the home and garden. We offer personalized fire pokers and steak flippers to commemorate those special moments in life. Our Christmas Stocking hangers are a best seller at the holiday season, sure to be passed down through the generations. 

We Stand Behind Our Products

We strive to provide our customers with that unique touch that can only be accomplished through quality craftmanship and close attention to detail. When you purchase from us, you know where your item was built and who made it specifically for you.